Welcome to All,

I bid you, Dear Friends, come across my threshold with a light heart and a listening ear. Please join me with a cup of tea, enjoy my needle work and listen to my tales of Blackstone. The cottage is 300years old and is now part of the main house, it is my favorite place. The studio is above the stables and dear Kip, my black cat, keeps me company as I dream and sew. I am truly a lover of past times, you will see this as I add pictures of my work. Please visit often, you are always welcome.

Thursday, June 25

The Times They are achanging...

Today,I have read a few blogs and spoke to a few people at the apothecary and I have been greatly impressed by the amount of change happening in all of our lives. Some of my friends are sad at their changes and yet others embrace them like a wild ride. It makes me wonder is it the time of my life to notice such things or is it the time of man? Are we preparing or just living? I ponder this and wonder whats next, hoping it will be a time of joy and human love, better than any time before, for all of us. Let's open our hearts to each other and listen.


  1. Though this post was written almost 3 months ago I hope that whatever we have learned from the despair of ourselves or others that it has revealed more thoughtful, caring and considerate souls.
    A very moving post and I'm sorry it took so long for me to find it.
    Enjoy your week and all your whimsical creativity.

  2. Thank you, Miss Maddie. It is good to meet you. It seems our struggles become intense and then abate for awhile. Somehow I believed as I lived my life it would be easier but it just gets different for all of us.
    I have a much loved Border Collie named Maddie....it seems I have named her well.