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I bid you, Dear Friends, come across my threshold with a light heart and a listening ear. Please join me with a cup of tea, enjoy my needle work and listen to my tales of Blackstone. The cottage is 300years old and is now part of the main house, it is my favorite place. The studio is above the stables and dear Kip, my black cat, keeps me company as I dream and sew. I am truly a lover of past times, you will see this as I add pictures of my work. Please visit often, you are always welcome.

Friday, May 29

Juliette of the Herbs

Juliette de Bairacli Levy went home. She past away at the 28 of May 2009 peaceful without pains. Juliette was considered the mother of modern herbal studies and was the first to create a holistic way of raising animals. I learned all I know of natural animal rearing from her books. She left traditional medicine to learn from the Gypsies and peasants of Europe. She will be missed by all who practice herbal medicine.


  1. Hello. I'm hoping you can recommend one of Juliette's books to begin to expand my knowledge on a herbal holistic approach to animal care. I am blest with the care of a small dairy goat herd and sheepies. Jen

  2. You can start with Juliettes book...Herbal for Stable and Farm... you can find this book at Ash Tree Publishing, Susan Weed's company. Susan has the Wise Woman Center, just google any of the afore mentioned and you will find links. The book might be out of print but Susan is going to republish the ones that have gone. I will post a link to Susan's site on my blog for you. Blessings, Teresa, Seamstress of Blackstone