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I bid you, Dear Friends, come across my threshold with a light heart and a listening ear. Please join me with a cup of tea, enjoy my needle work and listen to my tales of Blackstone. The cottage is 300years old and is now part of the main house, it is my favorite place. The studio is above the stables and dear Kip, my black cat, keeps me company as I dream and sew. I am truly a lover of past times, you will see this as I add pictures of my work. Please visit often, you are always welcome.

Tuesday, February 2

fireplace renovations

I'm off to Peter Wentz farmstead. I will be taking pics of thier open hearth. We are tearing out all the post 18th century renovations to the one in our house and it turns out to be just like the one at Peter Wentz . Can't wait to start pulling out the 70's work I LOVE doing that. I'll post more pictures as we progress.

this is the fireplace at the Wentz farm. The walls of the house are black polkadots. Even in the 18th century people had bad taste.


  1. I remember reading an article on this house in an old Country Living magazine...I LOVE the walls!!!

    Blessed be~

  2. This is actually the "tamest" of the wall paintings. Some are painted with a lattice pattern with comma like marks in between the diamonds of the lattice. The colors for that are black on orange. It'a a wonderful house with bright colors and inventive solutions to make the work of living in that time easier. I could move in and be quite comfortable.

  3. Not too many out there can say they are able to unearth a firplace like that in there kitchen!
    Here in our town we have a bakery that still uses the original woodfired oven that was built in the early 1800's. It is a heritage site but privately owned and a thriving bakery business here.
    I just can't imagine trying to get home owners insurance with a working fireplace like that....around here it is very costly to get insurance if you heat with wood...and that is with our modern woodstoves and pellet stoves that are very safe.
    Good luck with your restoration.